Greatness is never accomplished alone.


We win not because we are individually superior, but because we are focused, disciplined, and united not only as a team, but as a family. E pluribus unum.

Mike Norton


Physics & Marketing: Lead Product Design & Strategy

Abel Beregi

Chief Physicist

Design Management & Product Development

Andi Stiller

Andi Stiller


CAD Design and Prototype Engineering

    Javier Longares

    Electrical Engineer

    Testing and Development of Electrical Systems

    Katsiaryna Rouba

    Logistics Manager

    Supply Chain Management

    Polina Ivanova

    PR Manager

    Social Media and Customer Service Management


    Dimple Ramchandani

    Content Writer

    Content Development for Blog and Marketing Materials

    Aleksandra Andric

    Art Director

    Graphic Design and Marketing Materials


      Rikki Justin Go

      Marketing Manager

      Public Relations Management

      Be a part of the story.


      There’s a way that Wolven speaks through its blogs that most other brands do not. Many of the blog articles are written by the company content writer; however, many of the blog articles are written by the CEO, Mike Norton, himself.

      You’ll be able to tell the difference by the shift between first- and third-person perspective pertaining to when the company is speaking in the content, and when Mike is speaking directly, as well as the byline of any given published article.

      Articles and other content published by the brand will be signified as authored by the brand with its logo; articles and other content published directly by Mike will be signified as authored by Mike with his picture.

      We at Wolven Industries are proud to produce content that’s meant to establish a very human, personal connection with our target audience. That can’t happen if each piece of content the company publishes is purely mechanical and corporate in nature.

      We believe it’s entertaining and beneficial for others if the CEO blogs about products as they’re being developed, sometimes with videos of science experiments (as they succeed or fail), because it’s not our product we’d sell; it’s the people’s product.

      Each invention or innovation is its own journey with its own story; so why wouldn’t people want to experience it? Why wouldn’t the people want to experience the emotional ups and downs with the team as we encounter obstacles in the development of a product, and how we work together to overcome them?

      Why not watch the movie or read the book of what you order being developed, as it’s developed, before it arrives to your door?

      …while you converse with us about improvements for the next model through e-mail and social media, changing the ending of the story as you interact with it?

      It’s not about us; it’s about you.

      “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” –JFK

      Like the story of a rock band, the music is the output of the rock stars. The Wolven team is the band; our products are our music. Follow the story of how we jam, often through the CEO’s own eyes in his journaling for the company.


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