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The Wolven Industries Handheld UV Cleanser, MK.3


99.999% of germs killed on contact

Current phase: Prototyping & Testing

Aim at the object you’d like to disinfect, and fire…before you touch it. Don’t just wash your hands, prevent yourself from exposure to viruses in the first place.

Lab-tested in Spain. Made for and in direct response to the worldwide epidemic known as the coronavirus or “COVID-19” crisis, the Wolven Industries HandHeld UV Cleanser is between 9x to 30x more powerful than the common handheld UV cleanser on the international market. Designed with a safety function to prevent dangerous misuse, it also utilizes ultrasound technology with LED aiming to alert you when you’re properly disinfecting the target item or not.















It's not all about what we do, but how and why.

This is our style.

Tested Personally

If we wouldn’t trust our own lives with our products, we wouldn’t ask you to trust yours.

Quality First

Some companies choose cheaper parts to optimize profits. We don’t.

Innovated For You

We work iteratively,
listening to your feedback about our products.

Built By Values

We follow a strict moral & philosophical code with our products.

All of our products are designed with a personal touch.

So, why do we do it?

There's a deep passion that drives our work.

Each of our team has a personal stake in the company’s mission, and we’re not talking about money. We each have families, friends, loved ones we care about. From historical threats like the Covid-19 virus, to the harsh reality of both foreign and domestic forms of terrorism against our civilization.

Throughout our own personal, respective journeys throughout life, each member of the team developed core skills in core areas. What we did was look at what we cared most about, while seeing how we could combine means to preserve what we care about through the talents we have developed.

We asked ourselves: “If there was a singular company we could rely on to pragmatically help our families through dark times, which would it be?”

The answer? Wolven Industries.

Entrepreneurship that specializes in developing technological solutions and assistance for natural disasters, varying forms of warfare, and self-defense.

What guides our focus:

Our Three Objectives

Click on each one to expand.

Repair The Family


We’d say that families were more tightly knit the further you go back in history, during time periods when there was no technology like what we have today at all. In fact, the more technology has progressed, the more it seems to have torn the family apart; the progression of family bonding and the progression of technology seem inversely related.

For instance, smartphones and social media may connect people digitally, but isolate them in person. So, how can we have a technology company focus on bringing the family together?

By focusing on technological innovations made for people who are already family-oriented while extending the idea through the brand itself: Our products are conduits through which a person can act in ways that defend their loved ones and survive natural disasters.

By strengthening the individual who cares with the tools they need, we can help them secure their family, which is the foundation of our civilization.

Protect The Family


There are a multitude of external threats both large and small that our civilization faces, from home-invading criminals to harmful viruses.

Before Wolven Industries sets out to do anything, we first ask ourselves: What are the troubles of our time?

The next thing we ask ourselves is “How can we use our strengths in science to give the people what they need to face those troubles with competence, courage, and dignity?”

The process of answering those two questions alone will lead you into understanding everything that we do as a company, from the content that we produce, to the products well, to whom, when, where, and why.

Prepare The Family


There is a difference between panic and caution: The former is irrational, emotional, and erratic; the latter is rational, controlled, and disciplined.

So, when we look forward into the future in the conceptualizing of preventative products, it is with the intent to rationally plan for very real occurrences, no matter how unlikely it is that they may occur.

For instance, when speaking of natural disasters, we believe that it is always better to be overprepared than under. In the event of being overprepared, you simply end up with more than what you need to overcome the scenario; in the event of being underprepared, you may lose not only your life, but the people you love most.

The people you love more than yourself.

We want that to happen to neither ourselves nor you.

Featured Work

By: Mike Norton

A philosophical treatise about working from the inspiration in one's heart

Letting Passion Lead

An essay inspired by a conversation with you.

While Wolven Industries was preparing to launch as a brand with its first product, a person who had been following the brand’s story reached out to Mike Norton personally. He asked how he could get started with his own business and how to choose which problem to solve when there are so many.

In a nutshell, Mike’s answer was to first look at one’s heart.

This featured work hasn’t been released, yet. If you’d like an update for when it is, click on the button below.

See our story unfold...

Progress Updates

...one chapter at a time.


  • Discover Company Events

    Visit the page called “EVENTS” to see when Wolven Industries will be holding public talks and presentations to spread awareness of our technological innovations.

    Some events are in-person, taking place at different locations around the world; other events are online in webinar and streaming style.

  • Follow The CEO

    Mike Norton is probably the most active on social media out of anyone on the Wolven team. Though, it’s not that he’s actually talkative; he just thinks out loud in his prodigious writings.

    He can be pretty offensive, political, and philosophical. Sometimes, he can be more interested in intellectually exploring an issue than caring about people’s feelings.

    Often, he rambles to himself in public stream-of-consciousness writings or rants about political issues from his center-right libertarian perspective, supplemented with funny memes.

    Intense, perfectionistic, easily misunderstandable and eccentric, he’s not a very likable person; he’s a polarizing kind of character you either love or hate.

  • Influence Our Story's Outcome

    We really listen to you here at Wolven Industries.

    We believe in the power of iteration, which means that while we will always strive for perfection but we acknowledge that there will always be something to improve.

    Because there’s always something to improve, we rely on your feedback to help us break out of our tunnel vision in the development of any given product to see what that is.

    …then you see the changes you vyed for with your peers in the next model of whatever that product may be.

  • Meet The Team

    Mike Norton’s not the only one from Wolven that you can follow on social media; he’s just the most active.

    If you visit the team section of the website, highlighting each team member’s picture with your mouse will reveal what social media pages they allow to be public.

    Find some of the other minds driving Wolven Industries and see what you can learn from them.

  • Browse Through The Shop

    Well, the shop’s the focal point of why any of us are here, right?


    Each product is considered to have/be its own story. As the story of the product’s development comes to a close, you’ll see it appear in our online store.

  • Peruse Through The Blog

    Our blog is how we tell our story and that of each product’s development, one update at a time.

    If you sign up to our e-mail list, you’ll receive a message every time there’s a new update, so that you can keep up to date with every chapter as our pages turn.

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