Wolven Industries Is Seeking Beta-Testers For Its UV Cleanser. Will You Be One?

29 March 2020
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I gained in perspective while both our product and my intelligence were politely (though understandably) belittled by a would-be investor. One of the first I’ve approached.

In a nutshell, besides the intrinsic difficulty with getting medical devices out there (if you consider our UV Cleanser to be one), the market already has UV cleansers like what we have on the market. There are even automated bots using similar technology.

He was absolutely right to that extent; I have no argument against that.

Some enhanced features he denounced as little more than esthetic changes without actually giving the product a try.

…and you know what? Why should he take the time to give it a try?

That’s a wonderful question.

Here’s why I’m not discouraged:

The marketing industry is exponentially more difficult to break into than the UV cleaning market; yet, I’ve accomplished that.


Beta Testers in the Marketing Industry

Because I had beta testers: work I did for either free or close to free that built up reviews and a solid reputation.

In the marketing industry, there is a great call for trustworthiness and integrity, marketers who operate under the conditions of specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based goals with clear cut black and white lines defining success and failure.

The average marketer is terrified to be held responsible for the results of their own strategies, preferring to keep marketing as a topic vague and esoteric to their clients with tons of buzzwords making what they do seem more complicated than it really is. Making themselves seem smarter than they really are.

By gritting my teeth through the negative judgments and assumptions, I evolved to give the market what it wanted: trustworthiness, responsibility…a marketer with transparency and a strict moral code.

The next thing I knew, within a couple of years, I hit six figures from my living room.

Why does this matter?

You can always break into any saturated market because there’s always some downside to the status quo pertaining to the product or service that hasn’t been addressed or could be addressed better.

…and, sometimes, what that may be has nothing to do with the product itself.

Case and point: The car industry is saturated with a lot of red tape that needs overcoming to break into.

Elon Musk is not the inventor of the car. Cars existed long before Elon Musk, so how did he break into the industry after he bought Tesla as a startup?

He innovated his version of the car; he made some changes. But more importantly, he built a personal brand, a far-reaching reputation through the public demonstration of different tests.

Different Psychographic Groups of Consumers

Meanwhile, you have to take into consideration the varying psychographic groups of consumers following a pattern that’s universal for every industry:

  1. The innovators — people who try first at great risk
  2. The early adopters — people who try second after knowing at least one other person has already tried it
  3. The early majority — people who are at the front end of the herd after having read the reviews of the first two
  4. The late majority — the people who hate risk and buy because there are already tons of positive reviews generated by the first three
  5. The laggards — the people who buy because they feel they have to, they don’t really think on their own, and just choose whatever everyone else already has, reluctantly

In marketing, I worked for the innovators at a reduced price: I made my own risk match theirs. That earned me trust, and that trust led to the opportunity to deliver.

Upon delivering, I generated the reviews I needed to attract business without even trying.

Being willing to suffer like that in the beginning gave me a competitive edge, without actually needing to do much for advertising. That’s why my following has been small up until this point.

…because why burn tons of money advertising in the rat race of other marketers who are also paying for advertising when they’re all pretty much saying the same thing? And almost all of them suffer from the same weaknesses?

Meanwhile, out of the ones who don’t, there’s just simply too much business for them to handle. That’s why people like me don’t actually see other competent marketers as competition; often, we work together, because if you’re really good at what you do then you’ll run into more business than you can physically handle. The SME market is just that huge.

Problems in the UV Industry

The underserved element of the UV industry is in several areas, but a key one is a general lack of awareness in the public.

There’s just a wide net of people who have no idea technology like this already exists, and out of those who do, which of the companies are speaking to them directly? Which company made a product for them?

Meanwhile, going back to the Elon Musk example, the UV market is indeed saturated. But if he, right now, made an even crappy UV cleanser…people would buy it.

Why? Because of his branding. His followers. There are people who love him who will just buy from him to support him.

People won’t care that there are other cheaper (though, less effective) $23 UV cleansers on TaoBao. If the market couldn’t be penetrated, knowing the power UV light has on something like Coronavirus…

…everybody in the world would already have one.

Ergo, the answer is not in the product itself, even though we have enhanced it very much.

I am not Elon Musk; I am Mike Norton. But I understand the pattern.

Why We, at Wolven Industries, Need Beta Testers

The answer is in our branding. Wolven Industries needs beta testers willing to help us generate the reviews we need to convince the early and late majority that our stuff is good and worth giving a try.

Once we generate enough reviews and promote our company with enough content…we’ll be able to sell more of these for the same reason any other quality brand would…because they’re loved by their target audience who are made loyal by that connection that’s built and strengthened by the continual delivery of value.

We’ve already got interested people from different areas of the Internet, such as Facebook… Or LinkedIn?

Who wants to be a beta tester?

Click here to join Wolven Industries beta testers while the offer is open.

If you don’t become a beta tester, but would like to follow our story in general, join our brand e-mail list here for continued updates: https://eepurl.com/gzXTKf

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