When The Levee Breaks: How Wolven Industries Is Breaking Through Market Resistance In The Fight Against COVID-19

5 April 2020
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With just the initial set of ads for our UV cleanser, people are joining our e-mail list already; that’s good.
That’s an extremely good sign, and we haven’t even really gotten started yet with the pre-marketing. The current ad is just a test; I’m using it primarily to see what the actual objections are in the people we’re targeting.
Such as, but not limited to:
  1.  Why not just wash your hands?
  2. How does the device kill the virus?
  3. How can I get one?
  4. What is UV radiation in the first place?
Launching the first set of test ads helps me to connect the communicative gap between me and the average person…because they’re asking questions that I thought were obvious.
But that’s my fault, because I assume that people know more than they do.
Like “Why not just wash your hands?”
My counter-question: “Why expose yourself to the virus in the first place?”
…right? That’s Nash Equilibrium… K+1
I think that’s common sense, but it’s not common sense.
…it’s uncommonly efficient sense.

After doing some market research, I realized how esoteric I really am capable of being without realizing it. Saying words people don’t understand. Assuming people know anything about the topic I’m talking about.
For instance, I thought UV radiation was covered in middle school. And it probably was for most people, but that doesn’t mean that they remember it.
It’s me who’s the weirdo who remembers random things that seem useless at the time but come into use in the most unorthodox of ways, especially when the teacher didn’t even think I was paying attention.
I expect there to be a levee that breaks once we attain a certain level of social proof, at which point a lot of people start signing up. Right now, we only have ~100 likes on the company Facebook page.
To the early and late majority, as well as the laggards of the psychographic segmentation…this makes us seem fishy.
So, we need to punch through the grind of the doubt for long enough with enough consistency, that the people at the top of the curve, the “innovators” of the marketing segmentation convince the early majority (the tipping point), and the early majority convince the late majority. And then the late majority convince the laggards.
I just have to remain consistent with the advertising, not throw stones at the barking dogs, the slings and arrows that mentally inhibited me from putting us out there before…and just focus on the objective.
I am the blindfolded horse, charging into the fray.
Wake me up when September ends.
Check out the upcoming technology we have addressing this issue.

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