Wolven Industries is a defense engineering firm. We develop technological solutions for civilians, military, PMCs, and police.

Our mission:

To protect, prepare, and repair our civilization from threats both large and small with the use of technology.

Our Ethos

A core philosophy guides our branding, product development, and service.


We believe in the impossibility of attaining perfection, though in the continual actualization of our products with your loyalty and feedback over time.


We believe in quality over quantity, never producing a new model of anything unless there’s a genuine, specific flaw that can be addressed.


We believe that less is more in the design of any of our products, while they should stand on their own merit without the mask of superfluity.


We believe in wearing our own body armor, the principle of if we’re not able to trust our own lives with our products, we would never sell them to you.

Who is the target of our mission?

Whom We Serve

To understand whom we serve, start with the family unit and work backward.

To protect the family against COVID-19, we temporarily pivoted away from designing the next generation of bulletproof body armors into developing a handheld device for electronic disinfection.

However, what’s the next group of people who have directly involvement in the family’s fate during such a crisis?


…then the mailing services of the world.

…then airports.

So, it’s not so simple as to say that we create technological products for the common household. While they are at the heart of our company mission, solutions we create may have to extend into other industries because of their effect on the family.

The process of our designs

Our Products

There are, overall, five different phases to the development of any Wolven Industries product.

  • Conceptual Phase
    • Mike draws the initial design and discusses and/or debates with the team what’s possible and what’s not about it.
    • This can take anywhere from days to weeks to settle.
  • Development Phase
    • The development phase is the continual, metaphorical clash of fire and ice that lead to the forging of the product idea into something real. As the two lead physicists toss ideas around, the engineer extracts usable imagery and practical meaning from otherwise esoteric and complicated conversation.
    • He then turns into a 3D rendering: the dream becomes a visual reality.
    • The entire team reviews the rendering, and then repeats the cycle of discussion, one iterative rendering after another, until we’re satisfied with a design that we begin testing.
    • This phase can last anywhere between a week…to several years.
  • Prototyping & Testing Phase
    • During this phase, the product is being tested in a variety of ways, often at third-party laboratories for credible verification of its usability.
    • The product is not only tested for the solution it provides, but also for other elements, such as (but not limited to) its durability and safety.
    • This phase can last anywhere between a week to several years, as well.
  • Manufacturing Phase
    • Assuming the prototype doesn’t fail key tests that require the team to go back into the development phase, the prototype then enters mass manufacturing.
    • At this time, the company starts taking pre-orders with a set release date.
  • Ready For Purchase
    • The device becomes readily available for purchase in our online store, as well as any other store we’ve contracted wth.

Where are our products from?

Our Suppliers

We almost assumed a completely Made-in-America-only and a Made-in-the-West–only approach.

However, we came to acknowledge that there are legitimately other parts made in different areas of the world that are genuinely fantastic in quality.

To make a final decision about our manufacturing philosophy, we referred back to our values: quality first.

Understand the difference between the “quality first,” “profit first,” and “protectionist” philosophies.

To follow a “profit first” manufacturing philosophy would mean to find the cheapest parts one can find from any manufacturer who will accept the contract. This often yields low-quality items for quick market gains by the company. Almost every part will be manufactured in China, India, or some other country known for it.

Meanwhile, to follow a “projectionist” manufacturing philosophy would mean to source only the human capital of a specific country (e.g. Made only in America). While this does give jobs to American people (or whatever other country it may apply to), the concept can lead to products with not all of their parts at the highest quality, as well as lower profit margins for the company.

However, to follow a “quality first” philosophy is to not pay attention to the country any part is from, but simply to choose the best part, no matter how expensive it may be for manufacturing, even if forces us to lower our profit margins for some products. Some parts may be manufactured in Germany; other parts may be manufactured in America; while others may, indeed, be manufactured in China.

While China has a questionable international reputation for mass manufacturing, there absolutely are individual companies that produce 5-star parts. When we search for the manufacturer of any given part, the only thing we’re concerned about is whether or not they produced the best quality we could find, regardless of what country they’re from.

This means that the majority of our parts will so happen to be from western countries, but in the event that we do so happen to find a singular part that is superior from a different country, then we’ll choose the manufacturer who so happens to be in that country.

Though, understand how this is not at all the same as simply having everything made in China, or India, or Pakistan.

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